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The Energy Smart Grocer program from Consumers Energy provides no-cost energy assessments, technical assistance and financial incentives to grocers seeking to lower their operating costs. Saving energy is smart business, and with the help of Energy Smart Grocer, eligible stores can significantly reduce their energy use with refrigeration, lighting and food service equipment retrofits.


Mobile access to over 30 years of Copeland compressor product information

The Copeland Mobile smartphone app provides on-the-go access to Emerson’s Online Product Information (OPI) database for Copeland compressor specifications. This database includes both air conditioning and refrigeration products used in a variety of HVACR applications. Simply start by logging in with your current OPI username or register for new account through the app. Next enter at least 5 characters in the compressor model nomenclature to activate an auto fill recommendation listing for model selection. Once a model and application are selected, choose from a variety of options within the home menu screen to search for information pertaining to that specific model. This app’s focus is to bring access of the OPI database directly to the HVACR service industry.

The Copeland Mobile app includes:
• WebApp – Instant updates via Online Product Information database
• Auto fill model recommendations
• Where To Buy Lookup
• Serial Number Validation
• Model / Serial Number Scanning
• Full parts, accessories and bill of materials listings
• Complete air-conditioning and refrigeration compressor model information
• Electrical wiring diagrams
• Compressor Diagnostics
• Replacement model Cross Reference
• Metric and imperial units conversion
• Links to other Mobile Apps
• “Live Chat” help function

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Choosing high-efficiency Rheem® equipment isn’t just good for the environment—it’s good for your wallet, too. Not only can Rheem heating & cooling and water heating solutions help you save month after month on your energy bills, but with qualifying government rebates and tax credits, they can help you save even more.

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Young Supply has partnered with EGIA to provide the premier suite of consumer financing solutions and HVAC business best-practices training resources to Young Supply dealers.

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Mitsubishi Electric Product Support & Resources. Easily access product information, installation guides, and manuals for Mitsubishi Electric parts and service.

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Mitsubishi Electric Product Support & Resources. Easily access product information, installation guides, and manuals for Mitsubishi Electric parts and service.

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Our product registration system includes a rigorous matching process which validates units and provides accurate registration data. At times, the system detects errors that require additional documentation.
We understand that some contractors have encountered model and serial number errors when registering installed systems on the product registration site ( In order to eliminate some of those errors, we’ve produced a (product registration guideto provide step-by-step instructions on how to register a product as well as troubleshooting tips for contractors.
In addition, we’ve implemented a change designed to improve and streamline the product registration approval process. When verifying units on the registration site, contractors must now upload a photo of the unit’s tear tag or dataplate as a valid form of documentation. As a result, distributor invoices will no longer be accepted to resolve unit verification issues.

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The Sales and Marketing Support Portal is a powerful, easy-to-use, full-featured portal that provides support for your sales, marketing and training needs.


Looking for information on the new DOE “M1” Efficiency Regulations that go into effect on January 1, 2023?

New 2023 M1 Efficiency Regulations

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