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Young Supply Wizard

Posted on 07 20 2018     

The Young Supply Wizard is designed to be the best mobile resource for
technical and service information for Michigan and Ohio HVACR
contractors, engineers, and building professionals.

Communication features:
Find and communicate with all YSC branches
View full details on YSC training and branch activities
Access our vast technical library to access resources
and email resources to your customers from the app.
View our latest specials and take advantage of App only initiatives.

Refrigeration Tools
Refrigeration characteristics and pressure temperature calculators for 21 current refrigerants
Troubleshooting for condensers, rack systems, compressors and TXV’s
Temperature conversion for fahrenheit and celsius

HVAC Tools
Duct sizing tools for metal and flex duct
Troubleshooting for Rheem, Mitsubishi, LG and HTP systems
Quick calculators for Wet Bulb and Dew Point Temperatures,
CFM loads, BTU capacities and water flows and much more.
Energy Calculators and Operating Cost Calculators.

RGF Launches 'Got Flu?' Campaign

Posted on 09 25 2018      Retrieved from

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — RGF Environmental Group Inc. provides Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products designed to help reduce the spread of cold and flu viruses in residential and commercial spaces. RGF launched its “Got Flu?” campaign to help contractors better educate the public about IAQ products and their role in the prevention of deadly flu viruses.

“It’s not enough to just wipe down surfaces and hope that in doing so, the cold and flu viruses will not spread,” said Tony Julian, vice president of business development at RGF. “Most people overlook the importance of air quality when combating viruses and are unknowingly exposing their family and employees to infection.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu viruses are spread mainly through the air by microscopic droplets of water that can travel as much as 100 feet from the infected person. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, or even speaks, these droplets are launched into the air, easily spreading to others nearby who are unaware of the pathogens they are now breathing.

Unfortunately, reactive solutions such as encouraging people to stay home from work and school, wash their hands, and wipe down surfaces with harsh disinfectants are not always the most effective remedies to the seasonal cold and flu virus problem. The prime time for infections to spread is the day before any symptoms even begin to present themselves — meaning a proactive offense is the best defense.

Since quarantining employees and kids is impractical, a professionally installed in-duct IAQ system is one of the best ways to help prevent the spread of these viruses throughout the home and workplace.

RGF’s solution, the REME HALO® air purification system works continuously within the conditioned space, both in the air and on surfaces to destroy cold and flu viruses before they have the chance to spread. The REME HALO’s breakthrough technology is proactive, sending Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™ into the conditioned space to reduce the pollutants at the source, in the air and on surfaces. The REME HALO is designed to help neutralize odors, air pollutants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while also reducing the presence of mold, bacteria, and viruses. Particulates in the air including smoke, dander, and dust are reduced through its dual output ion generators which help drop these particulates out of the air through ionic polarization. In addition to this in-duct, whole home solution, RGF provides alternative IAQ solutions in both portable and installed models to help prevent the spread of bacteria and microbes and reduce pollutants in the air.

Rheem Unveils the Econet Smart Thermostat

Posted on 09 25 2018      Retrieved from

New Thermostat Maximizes HVAC and Water Heating Efficiency and Works With Amazon Alexa ATLANTA, August 7, 2018 – Rheem® has announced the launch of the new EcoNet® Smart Thermostat, the latest innovation in the company’s EcoNet enabled product line. Designed to optimize the performance of Rheem communicating HVAC and water heating systems, this new thermostat includes intelligent management features for both homeowners and contractors.

The ultra-thin programmable thermostat has a full-color glass touchscreen and is equipped with features modern homeowners expect, such as local weather, one-touch away mode, motion activation, and integrated Wi-Fi, in addition to being compatible with Rheem’s EcoNet mobile app. It also works with Amazon Alexa for convenient hands-free voice control. Just say “Alexa, set home to 72 degrees” or “Alexa, make home warmer” to an Alexa-enabled device.

The EcoNet Smart Thermostat utilizes advanced sensor technology to actively monitor integrated Rheem smart heating, cooling and water heating equipment, and delivers both routine maintenance notifications, such as filter replacement reminders, as well as critical service alerts (with diagnostic details to expedite repairs) when the equipment requires attention. This is the most advanced thermostat in Rheem’s product line and the only one in the industry that can control a home’s heating, cooling and water heating systems together.

“There is so much innovation and intelligence built into this thermostat; it delivers a great user experience – from installation to day-to-day control,” said Nitish Singh, Vice President of Product and Marketing, Rheem. “And adding voice control with Amazon Alexa is a huge benefit for homeowners who can now enjoy simple, hands-free control of their thermostat.”

The EcoNet Smart Thermostat was purposefully designed to streamline installation, set-up, and service for contractors and plumbers: the integrated bubble level and tool-free wire terminals make wall mounting and wiring easier than ever; the thermostat automatically detects all connected equipment and configures itself to optimize system performance; simple system initialization shortens the commissioning process, and detailed diagnostics from service alerts improve service call efficiency.

The thermostat is compatible with Rheem’s full line of EcoNet enabled air and water products and will be offered exclusively through Rheem and Ruud distributor partners. Voice control with Alexa is available by enabling the EcoNet skill for Amazon Alexa at